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“I get inspired by nature’s colors, a painting or someone on the street. Anything, anywhere!”

| Olivia Sandström

Michelle Pålsson, 28, is the content creating influencer from Skåne who fills her Instagram feed with colorful fashionable outfits, beautiful nature pictures and lots of creative hair inspiration. We had a chat with Michelle to talk about everything from her biggest inspirations and favorite hair styles.

Hi Michelle! Where do you find your inspiration to your many different hair looks? 
- I think it's fun to get inspired by older pictures or movies, especially from the 60's and 70's. 


What inspires you most when it comes to fashion? 
- Everything. I can get inspired by nature's color combinations, a painting or someone on the street. Anything, anywhere!

What's your current favorite hairstyle? 
- My favorite hairstyle is probably my hair two days after I've washed it, when I've slept with a loose braid, some Good To Go - Dry Shampoo and then touched it up with Durable Dust - Hair Spray.

You created a voluminous look with Good To Go - Dry Shampoo - what do you like most about this product?
- It gives you so much volume, adds a great texture and keeps your hair so fresh! 

What's your favorite hairstyle based on volume and texture? 
- Oh, I want all my hairstyles to be voluminous - but maybe a big messy bun! 

And finally - what's your favorite Löwengrip product? 
- So hard to pick only one, Good To Go - Dry Shampoo to apply onto the roots and Durable Dust - Hair Spray to spray onto the ends. Perfect match!

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