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Hair Health with Creative Headz Director

| Katie Moore


After a summer filled with sunshine & swimming - the hair suffers and needs nurturing to get it feeling healthy and vibrant again. We talked to hair care expert Nathalie Akgün creative director of the hair salon company Creative Headz. Here are her best tips.  

"Having healthy hair comes into play in several different factors. Eat right, feel good and how to take care of your hair."

What is important to think about to get a healthy hair?  
Having healthy hair comes into play in several different factors. Eat right, feel good and how to take care of your hair. My recommendation is to eat a varied diet.  Wash your hair maximum twice per week.
Everything is is relative to what type of quality and what type of hair you have of course. Try not to expose your hair to unnecessary wear and tear. Exercising and feeling good enhances the hair’s luster and quality.  

"Wash your hair maximum twice per weekWashing too much is usually is the main reason for poor hair quality."

What damages the hair the most? 

Different things wear different amounts and it is difficult to say what wears the most as it can vary depending on the quality of the hair.  

Washing your hair too often (more than 3 times a week) makes it drier and wears on the hair’s quality. Washing too much is usually is the main reason for poor hair quality. Everything foreign to the hair wears to some extent. 

 "A good Shampoo, Conditioner and hair mask are your three most important products for a healthy hair!"

Which three hair care products are most important for the hair’s condition? 

  1. Shampoo 

  1. Conditioner 

  1. Pack/hair mask 

The three above are the basis of healthy hair. I think you should treat yourself to high quality products and as well as using the products correctly. Shampoo your hair with a shampoo that removes residue and cleanses and gives you the feeling of new hair. It is important to find a conditioner that does not weigh down the hair too much. A conditioner should be applied only to the hair lengths (not the entire hair).  

To get the best effect out of your hair mask, let it work for as long as it is recommended to get the full effect of the product. 

Which shampoo & conditioner is best for your hair type? 

Damaged & Chemically Treated Hair - The Cure Series
Blonde Hair - Blonde Perfection Series
Coloured Hair - Long Lasting Series
Dandruff & Sensitive Scalp - Anti-Dandruff Series
Short & Thin Hair - Protein & Styling Series  
Clogged Scalp & build up - Deep Cleansing Series