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Hair Expert Nora Blåsternes on how to build a hair care wardrobe

| Olivia Sandström

Oslo-based hair dresser Nora Blåsternes is Löwengrip's Hair Expert, meaning she plays a role in our product development. We let Nora share her best advice on the latest hair hype: the hair care wardrobe!

How would you recommend a beginner to build a ‘haircare wardrobe’? 

- First of all you need to realize what your hair needs. Flat and lifeless hair needs volume. Dry and damaged hair needs to be nourished. I’d start of with the most important thing: shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. After that, you can just add on the styling products of your choice. If you use heating tools I’d definitely recommend a heat protecting spray or lotion.   

Which of Löwengrip’s haircare series would you recommend for dry and damaged hair and why? What effect does your chosen series have on dry hair?

-  I would recommend The Cure – Repairing series as it helps repair and renew your hair. It adds shine and makes your hair look more healthy.  

Would you recommend using different haircare series for different occasions?

- It's always a good idea to alternate between products depending on what result you wish for. For example: if you want volume, use Level Up - Volumizing series. If you're after the feeling of thicker hair - use Build & Bounce - Thickening series.

How do you mix & match Löwengrip’s different hair care series yourself? 

 - As I've got thin and straight hair I prefer to use Level Up Volumizing series. It makes my hair feel more voluminous, yet light weight, and easier to style. In combination with Level Up - Volumizing Lotion and Good To Go - Light Dry Shampoo I get the voluminous result I want!

How would you describe the effect of Level Up Volumizing series? 

- The effect is exatcly what it states: weightless volume! It provides root-lifting volume: my hair gets a natural lift. I would recommend the series to anyone with fine, thin (typical Scandinavian) hair that struggles with flat hair.

Do you have any hair hacks that includes Löwengrip’s products?

- When I don't have time to blow-dry my hair I like to apply Build & Bounce - Sea Salt Spray and allow my hair to air dry instead. It gives my hair texture without making it too dull. The texturizing effect makes my hair styles stay in place.