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Get glowing hair!

| Katie Moore

Co-founder of Löwengrip, Isabella Löwengrip, on her best hair care tips for glowing hair.


I have a classic brittle and delicate Scandinavian blonde hair so a care routine for my hair is vital. This is how I take care of my hair to get maximum glow!

  1. Wash thoroughly once per week. Washing it more often makes it dry and less glowy. I wash it twice, preferably with the Löwengrip The Cure series or the Blond Perfection series to enhance my cold shade of blonde. If I have time, I use a hair mask I prefer to use the 10-15 minutes of time that the mask does its job to wind down. Clear the head and wind down in the cosy and quiet atmosphere a bathroom brings.
  2. Blow dry with care! As I only wash once per week, I style my hair carefully. I apply the Löwengrip Volumizing lotion to protect my hair from the heat of the blow dryer. It also makes the hair dry faster; I love to save time. The lotion also adds volume to my lengths. With a thin typical Scandinavian hair, it really makes a difference. Glow and volume is a great combination to feel that your hair is wonderful.
  3. Between washes I use a dry shampoo to keep my hair feeling newly washed. I apply it to the roots, not spraying it on the hair like a hair spray. A favourite is Löwengrip Good to go in the scent Caramel and cream. I have a sweet tooth!

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