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Fanny Sandström: "Haircare is the new skincare!"

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Brand Director lists her 5 best haircare tips 

Fanny Sandström: “Haircare is the new skincare 

Many of us are more invested than ever in our skin! We happily expand our skincare routine as soon as new extracts, acids or new formulas are introduced to the market. All while our expectations on visible and quick results gets higher. Glow-boosting, soothing or mattifying - many of us tailor our regimen based on our skins daily need and our preferred result. Löwengrip's Brand Director, Fanny Sandström says that it's time for us to expect the same results from our haircare routine. Scroll to read about Fanny's 5 best haircare tips!

1. What's your hair type – today?
You adapt your skincare routine depending on if your skin feels irritated, dry or oily. You exfoliate for more glow and hydrate when your skin looks dull. Try to apply the same mindset for your haircare routine! If you (just like myself) have naturally thin and fine hair, and regularly put your hair through damaging stylings, it could be a good idea to combine moisturizing and repairing products with thickening and volumizing products. My thickening products makes my hair feel strong and bouncy, while my repairing products indulge my bleached hair lengths with moisture.

2. Take care of your scalp
Just like your skin, your scalp can be either more or less sensitve over time. To suffer from an irritated and itchy scalp is completely unnecessarily, when it's so easy to prevent with nice and gentle haircare. Nowadays we have the possibilty to choose multifunctional products that nourishes both hair and scalp, without compromising on their promised effects. Look for ingredients such as AHA-Acid (which you probably recognize from your skincare!), which effectively removes dead skin cells to prevent them from clogging your hair follicles.

3. Heatless curls
Split and dry ends occur as a result of styling with heating tools. As we want to avoid damaging our hair, there's a new trend currently dominating our feeds. I'm talking about heatless curls! It's the perfect option for anyone who prefers a gentler styling option. Use a long, thin scarf (or the waistband to your bathrobe!) and braid it on through the front of your hair before bedtime. Carefully remove the scarf in the morning and enjoy your soft, heatless curls. There's lots of great tutorials out there!

4. Effortless look with natural volume 

Let's continue with our gentle styling: my lifelong search for volume is finally over! It's time time to say goodbye to the blow-dryer as our best volumizing friend and instead welcome gentle, combined haircare and styling that already starts in the shower. Now, there's haircare with advanced formulas, enriched with active ingredients, that does the work for you!

One of my personal favorites is Löwengrip's newly launched Build & Bounce - Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner that as an instant thickening, volumizing and texturizing effect. These products help to create the perfect effortless look without damaging tools or lots of styling products. Panthenol creates a swelling effect from inside the hair strand, creating a voluminous look, and helps preserve moisture. AHA-Acid has an exfoliating effect which removes dead skin cells from the scalp, while Peptides helps to improve the hair quality. In other words: advanced formulas applied to products that are easy to use. Haircare is the new skincare!

5. Influence with conscious beauty choices
Beauty consumers are becoming more conscious, and the the expectations on brands, therefore increases. Great, if you ask me! More consumers choose locally produced products with vegan formulas and conscious packaging. Influence the beauty business forward by making conscious beauty choices!