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Braid it!

| Katie Moore


A simple braid can be a classic timeless Monday look or a more extravagant one works great for a Friday night cocktail party. Whatever your mood, here are braid tutorials by Instagram braid specialist @braidsbypetra.  

I couldn’t even make a baked braid six years ago! I taught myself braiding through Youtube and got passionate about it.  I have been braiding my own hair, my kids hair and friends ever since. I've also been working at many events. I started my braid account on Instagram almost five years ago. The idea with the account is to give braid inspiration and show that everyone can learn to braid as long as you practice!"

Petra is a self-taught braid lover from Sweden.  Watch her easy tutorials to make your own braids. 

How should we achieve the best braids?

  1. Petra recommends braiding on hair that was washed one or two days ago. Very silky smooth hair means that the hair can slip out of position. However, if you do have thin or very silky hair, using a Sea Salt Spray is a great way to create some texture and resistance in the hair. Spray this onto the lengths of the hair and run your fingers through.
  2. You will also need a good brush and comb. If you want to create some volume at the top of you hair before beginning you can also spray the Dry Volume Spray into the roots of the hair & brush through. 
  3. Once you've finished the braid, spray the hair with a hairspray to set it all in place & get rid of any 'fly-aways'.  


Lives in Sweden with her two children.  

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