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All about ingredients

| Katie Moore

We all know how ingredient savvy we about skin care are. How much do we know or care when it comes to hair care? We asked expert Johanna at salon chain Creative Headz.  

“Those of us that are losing hair and experiencing a shift in hair quality are often asking about active ingredients” says Johanna at Creative Headz, a salon chain in Sweden. 

“More than ingredients, I get questions about what the product will do for the hair and what results or effects to expect on the hair. Will this product add moisture or structure or both? Is it suitable for people with sensitive scalps? However, I believe that the interest in ingredients and active ingredients will increase. It's because people are getting more knowledgeable and interested”.  

Any ingredients people like to avoid? 
Yes, silicones, sulfates and parabens. But it is important to know that there is no solution that fits everyone. Take sulfates for example; sulfate free shampoos can work great on some people but make other people’s hair greasy and or dull looking. Keep in mind that your hairdresser is educated in active ingredients and knows what type of ingredients that are suitable for different types of hair.