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Turn greasy hair to voluminous curls with only one product

| Olivia Sandström

Who says that your hair can only look amazing when it’s freshly washed? Löwengrip’s Hair ExperElin Strömberg shares her best tips & tricks to turn greasy and boring hair to voluminous curls – using Good To Go – Dry Shampoo as only styling productIt suddenly got easier to add on an extra couple of days in between shampoos!  

How do you use Good To Go – Dry Shampoo as a styling product? 
- My technique when using Good To Go – Dry Shampoo is to create volume and to achieve the right amount of texture. 

Brush out!

Good To Go – Dry Shampoo saves you from bad hair days!”
- Elin Strömberg, Löwengrip Hair Expert

How do you use Good To Go – Dry Shampoo as a dry shampoo? 
- I part the hair in different sections before applying Good To Go – Dry Shampoo by spraying 30 cm from the scalp to add volume and to get rid of greasiness.  

Apply Good To Go - Dry Shampoo to freshen up and add volume and texture

What do you like most about Good To Go – Dry Shampoo? 
- I love the texture it gives, as it makes it much easier to form the hair and create the exact look you want. 

Part your hair in different sections and start curling. Remember to apply a Heat Protector before using heating tools!

Continue to curl all of your hair

What’s your top 3 looks to create with dry shampoo as styling product?  
- Simple brushed out curls like these, a blow-out look and messy bun placed low down on the neck.

Brush out for final result!

Why is Good To Go – Dry Shampoo the ultimate go-to product?  
Having a bad hair day? Then it’s perfect to carry a dry shampoo in your purse – to avoid your hair looking greasy and to add volume and a fresh finish whenever needed!