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If you could only choose one skincare product, which one should it be?

| Katie Moore

Sunscreen is the best investment if you want to prevent the skin from aging and damage to the skin caused by UV-light

Why should we use sunscreen in the spring and summer?

Even during the early spring there is reasons to be careful in the sun since it’s easier to burn your skin because the skin is more sensitive after the dark winter. Your skin is thin and has not had the time to produce melanin which is the body’s own protection against UV-radiation. If you don’t use UV-protection and burn your skin often the risk for the most serious skin cancer, malignant melanoma increases.

Sunscreen also prevents the appearance of sunburn, eczema, wrinkles, pigment changes and thickened skin. A sunscreen is the best investment if you want to prevent the skin from aging and damage to the skin caused by UV-light. Compliment the sunscreen with a stylish sun hat and a pair of sunglasses with approved UV-filter that will protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around them. “at least SPF 30 is recommended”. 

How is a good sunscreen supposed to work?

An effective sunscreen should be adapted after your skin type and/or the condition of your skin and should also protect against both UVA- and UVB-light. The long-wave UVA-light penetrates deeper into the skin and will damage the elastic fibers which leads to premature aging in the form of thickened skin, saggy skin, wrinkles and in the worst-case skin cancer. UVB-light is short-waved and does not reach as deep into the skin but is richer on energy and will burn our skin. That is why it’s important to have a sunscreen with both protection against UVA- and UVB-light. The best thing to do is to visit a skin therapist and make an analysis of your skin to find the most suiting sunscreen for your skin type.

Does my hair need sun protection?

Absolutely! UV-light dries up your hair and makes the hair look frizzy at the same time as it bleaches. You should also protect your sensitive scalp. Most people dye their hair today and these pigments bleaches much faster than natural pigments. Hair that is dyed in darker shades often turns into red and orange in the sun while blonde hair can turn more yellow. Sunscreen for the hair and scalp protects against UV-radiation and prevents your hair from bleaching. A lot of sunscreens also adds shine, moisture and heat protection.

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More advice on the skin care regime when using sun care products?

Some skin care routines can make the skin more sensitive to light and should be avoided when we put the skin through more UV-light, for example vitamin A and some chemical acids. If you know that you will be staying in the sun you should avoid using these. If you are insecure you should always ask your skin therapist for advice. I would also recommend cleaning the skin extra carefully after using sunscreen, I would recommend doing a double cleaning, first to dissolve fat, makeup and sunscreen and second to cleanse the skin. The sun also dries the skin and can weaken the barrier so it’s also super important to moisturise the skin. Be happy to complete your daily skin care routine with a nutritional moisturizing serum and a strengthening face mask.

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