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Introducing Löwengrip Hair Experts: Meet Elin & Petronella

| Olivia Sandström

Get to know Elin Strömberg and Petronella Nilsson - Löwengrip's new Hair Experts who will share all of their best tips, tricks and and hair hacks with you....

Hi Elin, tell us about yourself! 

- My name is Elin Strömberg, I'm 21 years old and I live in Gothemburg! I work as a hair stylist and make up artist at NA-KD. I really love what I do - to meet new people and the chance to develop myself each day! 

What hair trends will we see this spring? 
- The curtain bangs is a trend that's definitely doing a comeback this spring. Clear, strong colors and the long hair that many of us are dreaming of are also one of the trendiest looks.

How would you save a bad hair day? 
- I'd slightly wet my hair and then blow dry it to re-do the styling without having to wash it. It adds a nice and fresh finish!

What's your favorite Löwengrip hair product?
- I really love Löwengrip's Dry Shampoos! They add an amazing texture which I love for styling. They smell so nice and are simply magical. 

Hi Petronella, please introduce yourself! 
- My name is Petronella Nilsson, I'm 25 years old and I'm a freelance hair stylist and make up artist. I've worked as a hair stylist within beauty and fashion since 2014.

Your best advice for a bad hair day?
- Add dry shampoo and put your hair in a high messy bun - that always work!

What hair trends will we see this spring?
- I'd definitely say that the 90's are back - with looks inspired by Spice Girls, the movie Clueless and super models such as Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.

How do you keep your hair shiny and healthy?

Bästa knepet mot torrt och glanslöst hår? - My best advice to prevent dry and dull hair is to use a hair treatment. Löwengrip's The Cure - Hair Mask is my favorite to repair and moisturize dry hair.