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Introducing Löwengrip Hair Expert Bea Toivonen

| Olivia Sandström

Introducing Löwengrip Hair Expert Bea Toivonen

Get to know Bea Toivonen, Löwengrip's new Hair Expert who will share her best hair hacks with you.

Hi Bea, please introduce yourself! 
- Hi! My name is Bea Toivonen and I'm Löwengrip's new Hair Expert which is very exciting. I was Miss Finland in 2014 and i currently live in London where I do hair and makeup as a freelancer. 

What’s your favorite Löwengrip product 

- My favorite product is definitely the Bounce Back - Shine Texture Spray

Hair do made by Löwengrip Hair Expert Bea Toivonen. 

What’s your best advice for lifeless hair in need of more volume? 
- My best advice for hair thats lacking volume: I highly recommend Bounce Back - Shine Texture Spray. It will change your life! 

 your best advice for colored treated hair?
My best advice for colored hair is not to wash it too often and also to only use products meant for colored hair. 

What’s your best advice for dry or damaged hair? 
- My best advice for dry or damaged hair is to use a little bit of oil every single time you had a shower and washed your hair. Just in the ends of your hair!

Follow Bea on Instagram: @beatoi