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Spending a lot of time indoor? Here's how to treat your skin!

| Katie Moore

Tips from the Expert!
Katharina Vestin, Skin therapist and Skin care teacher at the Elisabeth School.

How is the skin affected by being indoors?

Most people know that the air inside is drier and the humidity is lower than outdoors. Boilers, stoves and heaters go on or a air conditioner, which contributes to drier indoor air.  This gives you drier and less humid skin. We can treat the skin with properly adapted products that moisturise intensively, nourish and in some cases also add lipids when the skin produces to little sebum.

How can you adjust your skin care routine accordingly?

Use a gentle cleanser that dissolves all makeup, superficial impurities and slag without drying out. A moisturising facial water is a must since ordinary water has a higher PH value than the skin and thus dries out. A carefully chosen exfoliant sweeps away all dry skin cells, softens up and gives new glow to the skin. Be sure to treat yourself with a mask that nourishes, gives vitamins and raises the moisture level of the skin. Invest in a moisturising serum that strengthens, binds moisture deeper to the skin and protects against dehydration. Choose an eye cream that nourishes the skin around the eyes. Make sure to choose a day and night cream that is tailored to your skin type and condition. 

Tips: use one of Löwengrip’s hydrating mists during the day if you are spending a lot of time indoors. Spray the mist a couple of times of your face during the day.

Moisture on the go (mist):

Combined facial toner and hydrating mist. Immediately restores and balances the pH level of the skin, giving it a healthy luster. Powerful ingredients like niacinamide, allantoin and a combination of vitamins B, C and E make up the mist’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Instant glow (mist):

Radiance boosting facial mist for a perfectly dewy complexion whenever desired. Restores pH-balance for long lasting vitality, provides nutrition and acts as a protective anti-pollution shield. Apply to cleansed skin for priming effects, to set your make-up or reapply throughout the day for hydration and an instant glow. 

About Katharina: Skin therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in skin care. She has been working international with both global brands and education.

Elisabethskolan was founded 1931 in Stockholm and is an internationally approved skin therapist school which follows the international CIDESCO-approved curriculum.