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I have sensitive skin but want efficient results, what do I do?

| Katie Moore

Emelie Focklin, skin therapist and head trainer for Löwengrip will take us through what to do if you have sensitive skin but want to see results. 

How common is it to have sensitive skin?

"Well, close to 100 million people worldwide have a sensitive skin. And most people have a sensitive skin from time to time."

What defines sensitive skin?

"Skin sensitivity can be expressed in many ways. It may be genetic, with a naturally thin skin surface. It can also be high sensitivity meaning that the skin instantly reacts to harsh climate or rough skincare products like a dehydrating cleanser.  The skin can also become sensitive by medication, hormonal changes, sickness or stress."

If you want to use an anti-age product and have sensitive skin, any advice?

"In general, people with sensitive skin focus on products to calm the skin from redness and believe they can’t use anti age products because they are too active. But even people with sensitive skin can work with anti age products. People with sensitive skin need to focus on strengthening the skin and improving the skin barrier. Löwengrip Skin reboot products strengthen and calm the skin while working on a deep level to combat aging by plumping and firming the skin to minimize lines and wrinkles. The best of both worlds!"

Why does Skin Reboot work (create an actual difference on your skin) albeit being gentle on the skin?

"Skin reboot has a unique combination of ingredients with synergy effects to treat various signs of ageing simultaneously. For instance, hyaluronic acids increase moisture levels in the skin, synthetic snake elixir minimizes fine lines and wrinkles with a muscle relaxing effect and peptides with firming properties. These are some ingredients in the Skin reboot line to work efficient and active even for a sensitive skin."

Skin Therapist’ s tips!

Remember that cleaning is the basis of your ENTIRE skin care routine, just as before you are repainting the house, you must clean to get the best results. Spend 1 full minute (it is longer than you think) on really massaging the cleanser into the skin, and you will help the skin to increase circulation. My most wonderful tip is to also take the opportunity to give the neck a short massage in connection with the cleansing. 

Product tips: Skin Reboot Cleansing Oil

When the skin suddenly reacts and becomes flaky, it can be a sign that it needs moisture and nutrition, this is very common during seasonal changes. My best tip is to apply a night mask 2 nights in a row as an intensive treatment to help the skin get in balance.

Product tips: Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask