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Healthy hair: tips & tricks from a hair stylist

| Olivia Sandström

Is it possible to create trendy and stylish hair looks without using damaging heating tools? And what’s most important to have in mind when it comes to hair care during the winter? Löwengrip’s hair expert, hair stylist Petronella Nilsson, shares her best advice. 

Hi Petronella – tell us about yourself!
Hi! My name is Petronella Nilsson, I’m 25 years old and I work as a freelancing hair stylist and makeup artist. I’m also Löwengrip’s new hair expert!

What’s your best hair care tip?
Make sure to invest in a great shampoo and conditioner that fits your specific hair type. This is an essential first step for a healthy hair.

And when it comes to hair styling – what’s your best trick?
I really love texture sprays and dry shampoos – I’d never do a hair styling without them as they provide both hold and volume.

 Which is your favorite Löwengrip product when it comes to hair?
Oh, I’ve got so many favorites! My top two’s are definitely Style to Define - Cream Mousse for hold and protection and Good to Go Light – Dry Shampoo for volume.

How do you create a stylish damage-free hair look (without using heating tools)?
I’d apply Löwengrip Sea Salt Spray for texture and then braid the hair in two pieces and let sit overnight. You’ll wake up with beautiful beach waves without having used heating tools.

 How do you take care of your hare during the winter?
I make sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase! This prevents wear and frizz, which many of us experience to be a problem during the winter.

What’s your best advice to get silky smooth and shiny hair?
Use a moisturizing hair treatment at least once a week to hydrate and nourish your hair and to make it less dry and lifeless. I would recommend The Cure - Hair Treatment, especially if you've got damaged or chemically treated hair longing for more radiance.