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Hair Expert Petronella tried the new Build & Bounce - Thickening series

| Olivia Sandström

 We let Petronella Nilsson, Löwengrip's Hair Expert, try the new Build & Bounce Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. This is what she thought about the series!

You've tried the new Build & Bounce - Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. How would you describe their effect?
- On my typical Scandinavian hair, the most eminent effect is that they add volume and texture. My hair usually feels too heavy, but after using Build & Bounce  – Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner it feels voluminous, yet lighter.

How does the series work on thin hair compared to thick hair?
- I would say that the effect is pretty similar  – your hair will feel thicker and fuller after using the products.

What's the benefit of using a thickening, texturizing and volumizing shampoo & conditioner? 
- By adding texture and volume already in the shower, you don't need to complement with texturizing styling products after. You won't need as many products and your hair styling routine will be both easier and quicker.

The series are specially developed to thicken, strengthen and add texture to thin and fine hair. Which hair types do you believe that the series suits the best?
- This series is a great fit for the typical Scandinavian hair types. If your hair feels thin, lifeless or lacks volume the Build & Bounce series is a must-try. 

When are the series extra good to use?
- This series is great to use before styling your hair before a wedding or another important event when you need your styling to last longer. The products adds volume and texture which creates the best potential for your hair styling to last even longer.

How do you like the scent?
- The refreshing notes from citrus combined with the more deep and warm notes from sandal wood creates a lovely fragrance. 

Should you use different products depending on desired result?
- Yes, of course! It's a great idea to mix and match your haircare products, like shampoo & conditioner, depending on what your hair needs that day or depending on your desired results. 

Why does different haircare products fit different hair types?
- All hair is different and need different haircare to reach their most healthy state. Dry and frizzy hair needs moisture to stay balanced. If you got thin hair, you will benefit more from using thickening prodcuts.