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Oil, gel, or mousse cleanser. What’s the difference between them?

| Katie Moore


Finding the right cleanser for your skin type and skin condition can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to give you some of our best tips & tricks.

Oil Cleanser:

An oil cleanser has, as the name indicates, an oil-based formula. The oil be a sunflower oil, jojoba, or thistle oil to name a few. It’s a perfect cleanser for dry skin - all year round or for skin that needs extra hydration when the climate gets colder. An oil-based cleanser nourishes the skin while cleansing it at the same time. This means that lighter weight products can be used cleansing.

This may surprise you, but oil-based cleansers are also very effective for mixed or oily skin. Why? Because oil fights oil. The oils in the cleanser help to dissolve the impurities in the pores. It also leaves the skin with enough oil on the skin which means that the oil production is reduced. Compared with using a cleanser that strips the skin of it’s natural oils and can typically leave the skin feeling dry and dehydrated meaning that the skin goes into overdrive to produce oil, leaving the skin oilier than before.

At Löwengrip we love to suggest cleansing your face twice, so our tip to you would be to use our Oil Cleanser as the first step in removing all of your makeup (including eye makeup!) and dirt before moving onto a gel or foam cleanser!

Skin Type: Dry or Oily Skin
Perfect for: Someone who wears makeup during the day and wants to get remove it all swiftly and effectively
Product tip: Skin Reboot - Cleansing Oil


Gel Cleanser:

A gel cleanser is a favourite among the cleansing family. They are usually water-based and leave the skin feel deeply cleansed. It is important to keep in mind that gel cleansers also have moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine which does not dry out the skin. The skin should be cleansed twice a day, in the morning to wash away impurities that the skin has produced during the night and give the skin a clean base for your daily skin care routine. In the evening we recommend doing a double cleanse to ensure that the skin is truly clean. First, make-up and impurities are removed, then the procedure is redone and thoroughly cleanses the skin and pores.

Skin Type: Combination
Perfect for: Anyone – it’s our most popular and fool proof product!
Product tip: Clean & Calm - Facial Cleanser


Cleansing Foam:

A foam cleanser is like a lighter variant of the gel cleanser. It is suitable for all skin types but is often most loved by those with mixed or oily skin that thrives with light formulations. Cleansing is an important part of the skin care routine - & it’s fun to make some time for it each and every day as an act of self-care. Everyone’s skin is unique and needs different things, so it is incredibly important to use products that suit your own skin. Increased glow is something that many people strive for and two fantastic ingredients for glow are Vitamin C and niacinamide, which gives a vibrant and clear complexion.

Skin Type – Oily or Mixed Skin
Perfect for –
For someone who what’s a lighter product than gel or oil – but wants a very clean & fresh face. Perfect to combine with the gel or oil cleanser as a second cleanser!
Product tip: Instant Glow - Cleansing Foam


Dermatologist's tips! Remember that cleansing is the basis of your entire skin care routine. Spend 1 full minute (it is longer than you think) on really massaging the cleanser into the skin, and you will help the skin to increase circulation. My most delightful tip is to take the opportunity to give the neck a short massage during the cleansing routine.