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Best Anti age tips from the experts

| Katie Moore

We asked the experts how to best take care of your skin to keep your skin vibrant and healthy and to slow down its aging process.  

 “We can learn to create our own “inner pharmacy” where healing oxytocin and serotonin are allowed to flow instead of stress hormones” 

The biggest cause for aging?  
The biggest cause for illness and aging is all the stress which the present society contributes. But we can choose how much it affects us. Since it is out thoughts and feelings that control which hormones and neurotransmitters circulate in our bodies we can learn to create our own “inner pharmacy” where healing oxytocin and serotonin are allowed to flow instead of stress hormones. Joy and happiness do wonders for life and health. I also usually recommend people to stop talking about or think about their chronological age and invest in how they want to live instead, says Doctor Hildur Hadenius @vulvaverket clinic.   

Do anti age creams really work?  
Yes and no. Creams help to stop the skin's aging and can improve structure and elasticity and fine lines as well as glow. However, very deep wrinkles require treatment like fillers, botox or lasers to be diminished, says Dr Pyra Haglund at @stureplanskliniken.  

If you want to use an anti-age product and have sensitive skin, any advice?  
In general, people with sensitive skin focus on products to calm the skin from redness. And believe they can’t use anti age products because they are to active. But even a sensitive skin can definitely work with anti age products. Products for a sensitive needs to focus on strengthening the skin and improve the skin barrier, however Löwengrip Skin reboot strengthens and calms the skin and works anti-aging: plumping and firming to minimize lines and wrinkles. The best of two worlds, says Emelie Focklin, Skin Therapist and head trainer for @lowengrip.  

What are the most frequently asked questions on anti-age and skin care?  
Over the years, as I’ve been working as a dermatologist, I often get asked questions like "do anti-age products really work?", “when should I start using anti-age products?" and "is it advisable to mix different brands and series?" 

People are always on the hunt for the miracle product. There are many products on the market today that give instant results, but when it comes to aging, you want to work long term and as early as possible. I always say that anti-age products work, given that you have a good skin care routine, says Marie Fangrat, authorized skin therapist. 

What do you do to maintain your skins best condition, “anti age”?  
I’m very rigorous with a daily routine. Morning and evening. As I’ve worked with skincare for many years, I’ve tried many brands and products to evaluate their efficiency. One thing I want to highlight is cleansing, how important it is for a healthy skin. I cleanse my face twice when I wash it. I am really satisfied with how we developed the Skin Reboot Cleansing oil. How is lightly exfoliates, cleanses and leaves the skin soft and supple. I continue with the Skin Reboot facial serum and at night the Firming mask. If its hot outside its great to store it in the fridge. Its nice to cool off the face before you go to sleep, says Isabella Löwengrip, co-founder of Löwengrip with almost ten years of experience in developing skin care products.  

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