#SWEDENMADE is an initiative from LöwengripIt’s a way to highlight and enhance the values our origin brings. We pride ourselves that the bespoke Löwengrip products are developed and made in Sweden with its environmentally friendly production. They are gentle on the skin, but you will notice swift results immediately.  

The Swedish heritage imbues the brand with an innovative approach anchored in close ties to technology in product development, resulting in cutting-edge products of outstanding quality.  

Sweden is also renowned for its efficiency, sustainability, innovation, environmentally consciousness and friendliness. To put a greater spotlight on #Swedenmade we have invited other Swedish brands rooted here.  

Our guest this week is Shesize 

SHESIZE is a Swedish brand founded in 2019 by Emmeli Marmander. The brand´s ambition is to make a difference, for women, in the industry, for our norms and within fashion. SHESIZE wants to create an easily accessible wardrobe focusing on fit to empower the values of the individual woman and make a difference for her.  

“The women should not fit into the shirt, the shirt should fit the womenEmmeli Marmander, founder.  


Get the chance to get a free SHESIZE Signature Shirt in black or white (value 800 SEK).  

How? Spend 500 SEK on Lowegrip.com on Sunday the 9th of August until noon Monday Aug 10th. We close the draw on Monday the 10th at noon. Of everyone that spent 500 SEK we will choose five random winners from our system. You will be notified my email latest August 15th and SHESIZE will send you the shirt in your chosen size.  

Interview with Emmeli Marmander, Creative director and founder of SHESIZE 

What is the most Swedish in SHESIZE brand DNA?  

SimplicityWe keep it simple, we make shirts! 

How  DesignWe focus on designquality and responsibility. Our design is classic and the colours are down to earth! We like to be a part of every woman’s capsule wardrobe and be a lifesaver everyday! 

Why - Empower othersWlove to empower and inspire women to become role models for themselves and others! And that’s something we should be proud of and spread to our sisters around the world. Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to be born in as a female and we should fight for that so it’s a fact all over the world.  

How has the Swedish heritage impacted the development of the brand? 

We have focused on the Swedish woman and her values. We have created a modern updated shirt for more women so that they can focus on what’s important for them everyday, everywhere at all occasions. 

What do you like the most about the Swedish autumn?   

The nature, I love the woods, to go for a walk or run. The fresh air and of course the colours, so beautiful.  

What is Swedish fika to you? 

Coffee and cinnamon bun at my mother’s house or at a café! 

What is “embracing lagom” to you? 

Balance in life and try to live it as I want to!  By spending time with my family and friends for my heart, doing some workout at the gym for my body, running for my mind, riding for my soul and building my company because I want to be able to make a change in the fashion industry! It is“lagom”for me :) 

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