#SWEDENMADE is an initiative from Löwengrip

It’s a way to highlight and enhance the values our origin brings. We pride ourselves that the bespoke Löwengrip products are developed and made in Sweden with its environmentally friendly production. They are gentle on the skin, but you will notice swift results immediately.  

The Swedish heritage imbues the brand with an innovative approach anchored in close ties to technology in product development, resulting in cutting-edge products of outstanding quality.  Sweden is also renowned for its efficiency, sustainability, innovation, environmentally consciousness and friendliness. To put a greater spotlight on #Swedenmade we have invited other Swedish brands rooted here.  

Hemply Balance
Our second guest is Hemply Balance: Hemply Balance is a brand for hemp products, founded, created and designed in Sweden. Their belief is that if you want to feel good you have to be in balance. Not too much, not too little. Not too strong, not too weak. Maintain at "The sweet spot". It is something we want all people to know and feel. 

Your chance to win a FREE Hemp Oil
"Our 20% oil is our strongest percentage hemp oil. A product for those who want a lot of cannabinoids per drop: simple, powerful and effective.  Less is more, literally.”  

Spend 500 SEK on Lowengrip.com on Sunday the 5th of July until noon Monday July 6th. We close the draw on Monday the 6th at noon. Of everyone that spent 500 SEK we will choose five random winners. You will be notified by email latest July 10th and Hemply Balance will send you a hemp oil. 

Interview with Emil Sandin - founder of Hemply Balance:

What is the most Swedish in your brand DNA? 
The natural origin and quality of our products, we only work with 100% natural ingredients and also the Swedish design, we keep everything simple and clean.  
How has the Swedish heritage impacted the development of the brand? 
As Scandinavians we tend to have very stressful and hectic lives and we want things to happen around us all the time. To be able to highlight the word ”lagom” in a positive aspect, we founded our brand Hemply Balance. We know how it is to be constantly stressed and trying to find balance in life.  
What do you like the most about the Swedish summer? 
The long light days and of course the positive atmosphere.  
What is Swedish fika to you? 
A Swedish ”fika” doesn’t necessarily mean a cup of coffee and something to eat, but rather a time you spend together with someone you like where you are present in the moment.  
What is “embracing lagom” to you? 
We try to avoid the word” lagom” and stick to the word ”balance” that has a much more positive vibe to it. Both words mean pretty much the same thing. Lagom=balance.