To laugh and smile is great for your skin

We interview Isabella Löwengrip, creative director & cofounder on how book reading, outdoor life and sleep are vital keys to great skin, combined with a quality skin care routine.  

How do you take care of your skin? 

The body is wholesome. It’s about sound everyday life: Sleep, balanced diet and good skincare. In Swedish we call balance: lagom. It is having a good average. When it comes to anti-aging, its vital to stay away from the sunit is the most damaging to your skin! My skin is also super sensitive, so I use sunscreen and sun hats when enjoying the sun.  

Other keys to great skin is rest. To wind down and sleep well, I read a lot. I probably finish a book per week. great way to wind down is to read a book, and not on your screen.  

What do you do to maintain your skins best condition, “anti age”?  

I’m very rigorous with a daily routine. Morning and evening. As I’ve worked with skincare for many years, I’ve tried many brands and products to evaluate their efficiency. One thing I want to highlight is cleansing, how important it is for a healthy skin. I cleanse my face twice when I wash it. I am really satisfied with how we developed the Skin Reboot Cleansing oil. How is lightly exfoliates, cleanses and leaves the skin soft and supple. continue with the Skin Reboot facial serum and at night the Firming mask. If its hot outside its great to store it in the fridge. Its nice to cool ofthe face before you go to sleep.  

Anything else you do that’s good for your skin? 

Laugh! When I play and spend time with my children, I smile a lot. I notice how good it makes me feel. Being with them I am also in the now. I often switch off my phone and forget about work or other things. Its easy to get swept away in social media, emails etc, so its good to remind yourself to take time every day to be in the now. Being outdoors (without traffic noise) emphasizes that. I have also started playing golf and it’s a great sport for a healthy mind. It clears my head and I get focused.