Norwegian power woman Isabelle Ringnes on her beauty favourite.  

We had a chat with Norwegian Isabelle Ringnes, an entrepreneur and board member of Dermanordic, owner of Löwengrip.  She talks about why the Self-tanning drops are her absolute favourite and how to use them for healthy sun kissed skin.  

I have many bottles of self-tan drops in the bathroom for fear of running out! 

I love the Self tan drops from Löwengrip. I use them three to four times a week when I want to feel a little extra fresh. You get a lovely natural glow that makes your skin look healthier and healthier. I have used self-tanning drops for almost two years and have many bottles in the bathroom for fear of running out.

Unlike other self-tanning products, I do not have to worry that it sticks to the bedding or that the colour becomes too much. With these drops I can build a natural and smooth tan over time, and if I put a little extra on the cheekbones then I also get a little extra contour. 

All my girlfriends have now started using it, and I can highly recommend it! 

Find on Instagram: @isabelle.ringnes 

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