Meet Isabella Löwengrip, Creative Director and Hannah Molin, Brand Director at Löwengrip. In a few short days, the brand-new skin care range Instant Glow will be launched, featuring three products that shield the skin against environmental damage while giving it a lustrous glow; A cleansing foam, serum drops and a 24-hour, whipped cream-like facial cream.

Why instant glow? What’s the story?
”Originally, the idea was in fact an anti-pollution range. Our vision was promise-keeping skin care that preserved the skin when travelling, shielding it from the damage of environmental aggressors and fluctuating humidity levels.”

Hannah: ”Over the course of the product development, we couldn’t really find the perfect formula. Meanwhile, our online audience had shown a clear demand to boost their glow, hence we decided to redirect the product development. That’s actually why there are anti-pollution benefits in the range; The Exo-P shields the skin against environmental damage.”

Who should introduce Instant Glow into their daily routine?
“Everyone! Young or old, male or female, with dry or oily skin - A glowing skin is a universally flattering look.”

Hannah: “What she said. Who doesn’t want radiant complexion? Its high-performance formula guarantees visible results, while its premium quality ingredients are gentle to sensitive skin. Rich with moisture, it’s suitable for mature skin, too.”

Is the glow trend here to stay?
”Löwengrip products never depend on trends – We go for products and elements that are considered the best for the product, the human and the environment. There is nothing too edgy about a fresh and dewy skin.”

Isabella: “Exactly. We firmly believe that glowing skin is a timeless look – It implies health and balance and we believe it will last for a very long time. This range is the perfect addition to eating clean and drinking plenty of water. That’s how I optimize my glow inside-and-out.”

Have you had any disagreements about the products and their features?Isabella: “No disagreements, really, but we’ve had our rough patches with finding the perfect textures, scents and ingredients. We’ve sent samples back and forth to the chemists to establish the perfect formula for each product. But it was worth the time and the effort.”

Hannah: “I think I considered it a slight failure when we first had to give up our the anti-pollution range. Luckily, the final results turned out even better – That’s what happens when we trust our gut feeling. We have a range of facial care that delivers an immediate and long-lasting glow, while protecting the skin against environmental damage.”

And what about co-production: Have the online audience made an impact on the product development?
”Our online users are a crucial part of our product development. Without them, we wouldn’t have anyone to create our products for. Their wishes are our commands.”

Isabella: ”In fact, they were the ones encouraging us to confidently go for Instant Glow – Which is why we decided to combine the anti-pollution benefits with a glow range. We trust our followers. Evidently they knew Instant Glow would be a complete sensation.”

Will there ever be more glow boosting products to this range?
”Yes! This summer we’re adding two gems to the range: a lightly tinted, nourishing day mask and a radiance-in-a-bottle facial mist.”

Isabella: ”We’re so incredibly excited about those two. I wear different samples of the Day Mask every day and I am so keen to get a hold of the real deal. At this point, I rest assured that we’ve finally found the perfect formula.”