The 13th of December is one of Sweden’s most celebrated traditions, it’s Lucia! So, let’s get ready for the festive season with picture perfect hair and glowing skin.  

The origin of the Lucia tradition is more complicated and mysterious than one can believe. It’s a combination of myths, folk beliefs and Christianity that has developed throughout the years and formed the tradition into how we celebrate the 13th of December today. Here are some fun facts about the history that might clarify why Swedes celebrate this lovely day.

Here are our favourite fun facts about Lucia:

  1. Lucia origins from the latin word lux which means Lucia is also related to the name Lucifer which is, yes you guessed it, one of the names of the devil.
  1. The reason why we celebrate Lucia on the 13th of December, is actually due to a miscalculation in the Julian Calendar (used during the medieval ages until 1753) that marked the day of Winter Solstice. Hence, the 13th defined the transition between darkness and light, evil and good.
  1. It was not until 1927, that Stockholms Dagblad arranged the first Lucia election. A girl was crowned Lucia and the first official Lucia train was held. It’s here the tradition takes form into our modern celebration of Lucia.

Here’s how to get the perfect Lucia hair

The Cure - Repair & Shine Shampoo 

To really get that fresh Lucia feeling start your hair routine by cleaning your hair with The Cure – Shampoo. The shampoo hydrates your scalp and hair as well as regains lustre and shine. It's perfect for damaged or colored hair as it prevents split ends and adds volume.


TheCure - Hair Mask

Lucia wouldn’t be herself without her long, shiny hair underneath the crown of candles.

Treat your hair to our The Cure - Hair Mask that repairs damaged hair and boosts it’s natural shine. After using The Cure – Hair Mask you won’t have any knots to untangle, and only silky smooth locks to brush through.


Level Up - Volumizing Lotion 

After you’ve washed your hair, apply volumizing lotion to the lengths of your hair before blow drying so that you can style your hair into the Lucia look that you want! This lotion both works as a heat protector and adds volume. A double act!


Bounce Back - Shine & Texture Spray

To enhance your shiny locks and get that extra bouncy Lucia feel, add Styling & Texture – Bounce Back Hairspray. This amazing hairspray can be used both as a primer and as a setting spray.



Perfect, glowy skin? Yes please!

Clean & Calm - Hydrating Night Mask

To be ready for the early morning Lucia-train, use our Clean & Calm – Hydrating Night Mask the night before you are going to bed, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results. Wake up with hydrated skin that is ready to face the cold morning ahead!


Instant Glow - Serum Drops

The Instant Glow - Serum Drops are the perfect serum to use before applying makeup. The serum drops moisturize your skin and helps to maintain its vitality. Prep your skin and create a glowy base.

Instant Glow - Whipped Cream 

The perfect companion to the Instant Glow Serum is our wonderful Whipped Cream. Use it as day or night, night or day, Instant Glow – Whipped Cream will keep your skin glowy and shimmering, so it matches the Lucia festivities.

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