Letter of confessions

Facing myself

Dear skin,

I know I should have reached out to you earlier. I guess I have been ashamed. For neglecting you; For disliking you; For taking you for granted. You never did me any wrong, not in the way that I have done you wrong. All you have ever done is react to your surroundings and my way of living. My reaction was to be ashamed of you. 

For that I am so sorry. 

Early on in our relationship I picked on you, although you were hurting. I left scars that needed weeks – if not months – to heal. As the years went by, I occasionally skipped sunscreen, which accelerated your aging. I started despising the way you looked, although that was the outcome of me subjecting you to excessive sun exposure. 

For that I feel so guilty. 

We have so many memories together. I remember when you first broke out and I tried to cover that zit with a three-shades-too-dark foundation. I remember when you cleared up right before my big date. Maybe you decided to postpone that stress-caused rash because you knew how nervous I was. Whenever you acted out, I loathed you, yet somehow you always healed. You forgave me although I didn’t appreciate you. Unlike me, you knew that we won’t (and can’t) ever be separated.

For that I feel so blessed. 

Dear skin. I want to write new chapters with you, for you. Since you are my lifelong companion, I will treat you as such. I will give you my time, not react with hatred when you change as the years go by. I will proudly show you off to my friends, my family, people on the street and people that I date. Regardless if you are clear, firm, wrinkled, rashed, dry, glowing or dull. From now on, I will carry you with pride.

For that, I am genuinely keen.

Let’s make nice; My New Year’s Resolution is to be kinder to the two of us 


Adopt a nicer attitude to your skin in 2019 by a few changes;


  1. Go make-up free.

    As often as you can to let your skin breathe. If you’re uncomfortable without make-up, then this is the year to accept your skin and your natural self. Try it once, twice and get a better self-esteem with time.

  2. Drink five glasses of water every day. Your skin and health will thank you.

  3. Stress less.

    If you do go through stressful times (which is inevitable), remember to rest and recharge. Stress affects your skin severely.

  4. Get a proper skin care routine.

Balancing your skin is the key to a clear and healthy complexion. Not sure how to navigate in the beauty jungle? The routine below works like a charm on all skin types; It clears blemished skin, hydrates dry skin and calms the most sensitive skin. 

Clean & Calm – Facial Cleanser
Recommended use is a double cleanse each morning and every evening to get the full effect of your facial cleanser. The first wash removes make-up, impurities and excess sebum while the second wash purifies deeply.

Moisture on the Go – Facial Mist
Balance the pH value after you’ve cleansed your skin - your skin should ideally be at pH 5.5. It serves as a facial toner to balance the pH value, fixates the makeup and moisturizes during the day. 

Eyelighter – Eye Cream
An active and rehydrating eye cream that reduces puffiness. Its feather-light formula and light-reflecting particles optically blurs crows’ feet, fine lines and other signs of fatigue.

The Serum – Facial Serum
The Serum – Facial Serum nourishes deeply and works as a catalyst for other products - It increases the effect on your subsequent skin care products three times as much.

The Cream – Facial Cream
Finalize your regimen with The Cream - Facial Cream. Makes the skin supple and well-hydrated while it counteracts environmental damage on the skin. A bathroom cabinet must for all skin types.