1st October

skin reboot launch

We're launching two of our most efficient products to date. Exfoliating Pads that will change your life & a creamy and luxurious Eye Cream. Both products work to combat sign of ageing (YAY!)

So, let's talk about the Exfoliating Pads?

These are magical facial pads that gently but effectively exfoliate the skin's outer layer. They remove impurities and dead skin cells and prepare the skin for subsequent skin care. The skin gets new clarity and luster.

What's the magic ingredient?


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids 5%)
It's an ingredient which exfoliates and increases cell renewal and collagen production. It's derived from glycolic acid 3,5% and lactic acid 1,5% - they can come from food sources or be synthetically formulated & increase the skin's firmness. 

The Eye Cream (in all it's glory!)

Apart from being eyemazing - It's an active eye cream with a unique formulation of ingredients that raises the eyelid, reduces crows' feet, reduces dark circles and swelling under the eyes (wow).


It easily penetrates the skin & it absolutely does NOT contain any snake! It weakens the nerve signals to the muscle cells, which causes the muscles to relax & easily penetrate into the skin.