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Founder of Löwengrip, Isabella Löwengrip, on her beauty favorites and how to use them 

"There are no tips and tricks about it, just apply it and you are ready to go Isabella Löwengrip 

Count on me – Deodorant 

Out of all products we have developed in Löwengrip Beauty, this is the best! I simply cannot live without it. There are no tips and tricks about it, just apply it and you are ready to go. The name Count on me tellyou everything you need to know about the product. 

Good to go – Dry shampoo  

The dry shampoo has been a bestseller for years. If you do not have time to wash your hair, it is the perfect solution. I love the original sweet scent of caramel and cream, but not everyone does so there are other ones with scent of jasmine and amber or apple and cedarwood. Apart from using it to freshen up the hair and remove greasiness it can also be used to create volume and structure. Hold the nozzle about 30 cm from the hair and spray onto the roots, not the hair lengths. Massage with the hands and style as required. Done! If you do not want the volumizing effect, try Good to go light – Dry shampoo for a fresh feeling and silky-smooth hair.  

Luminous bronze – Self-tan drops 

I like being tanned and sun-kissed, but too much sun exposure makes my skin react and typical self-tan products clog my pores. When developing the Löwengrip self-tan drops, the mission was to avoid this. It resulted in a concentrated and fragrance-free formula to mix with your favourite moisturizer. I take five drops in my facial cream every evening. If you want to take it a step further, apply it with a makeup brush to get a contouring effect on cheeks, nose, forehead. If I do this variant, I mix two drops of self-tan in my cream and apply all over my face, then I brush gently with the self-tan on the places that I want to highlight.  


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