Amelia Adamo on her hair care routines and inspiration

Magazine Queen Amelia Adamo has appeared on more than 100 covers so we got her guidance on how to feel confident about our hair.  

"You have an amazing natural volume; how do you care for your hair?"

"I have naturally wavy hair and when it is damp, it gets curly. That, and a good haircut gives volume. I wash my hair every fifth day & I use whatever shampoo I can find and a leave in conditioner. I never use a hair mask (since I always forget). Newly washed hair needs to be styled, for that I use a styling crème for curly hair that I really like. I also use hair oil to shape my curls. I dye my hair every sixth week, my roots are completely grey. I rarely use a hairbrush, just my fingers."

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Amelia  Adamo Your hair is super important! The feeling of looking great and then feeling good

"Do you have any special hair care or styling routines?" 

"Apart from what I mentioned earlier, it is very important to take care of the “hair swirl” on the back of the head, as the hair easily gets flat at the spot but with volume around – it does not look very good so I keep an eye on that every day, and sometimes I might backcomb and spray it to make it look good."  

"When you want to change your hairstyle, where do you find inspiration?"

"Nowadays I keep the same hairstyle, but in the past, I always found inspiration in magazines; articles such as “30 beautiful hairstyles for short hair” etc. I used to take the picture with me to the hairdresser."

"What do you like most about your hair?"

"I am happy with my hair, I thank my mother for great genes, she had beautiful hair until she left this earth at the age of 92. In addition, my hair is super important for me and is a big part of my appearance and add to the feeling of looking great and then feeling good. Flat, dull hair without glow makes a flat and dull day. Hair oil also gives me the glow."

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