the glow down

Find out from Emelie Karlsson, Löwengrip's head trainer, how to make your skin glow & which ingredients are essential for the skin.

Emelie talks us through the best routine to achieve glowy skin! 

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You're guide to the Instant Glow series

Allow us to take you through each and every product in the Instant Glow Series at depth. We will explain to you what each product is, how it work & how to use it to get optimal results. 

Indulge in this glowing range. 

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I love to have a sunkissed skin this time of the year, but my skin is sensitive to the sun to I use Löwengrip self tan drops. I mix 2-5 drops in my cream for a personalized tone, sometimes I want more tan, sometimes less.

Isabella Löwengrip

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