A guide through the beauty gems.

Beauty junkies, skin care addicts and everyone in between  – Listen closely! Sit down, buckle up and get ready to glow! 

As you know, one of our favourite Löwengrip ranges is our Instant Glow range. Our in-house tech team and Löwengrip’s product development team detected a clear digital pattern: our online audience had shown a desire for glow-enhancing skin care with targeted activities. However, creating a product in a Löwengrip manner means solving more than one problem. We envisioned a range that would boost the skin’s glow, shield the skin against environmental damage and boost the collagen synthesis while delivering an exquisite skin care experience. Thus, the idea of Instant Glow was set in motion.

To this very date, the product development team have worked early mornings and late nights to stubbornly achieve skin care perfection. And here we are. Instant Glow consists of embracing scents, sophisticated design and velvety textures that create a top-notch experience. The potent formulas deliver visible yet sustainable results for all skin types. 

Let us walk you through the entire range.


  1. Instant Glow – Cleansing Foam

What it is: A richly foaming facial cleanser for a deeply cleansed skin with a renewed glow. The full-bodied lather as well as the embracing scent of green leaves and banana transform your everyday cleansing routine into a delightful ritual of self-care.

Why it works: The deep-cleansing effects of Niacinamide diminishes dirt and other impurities while reducing the size of pores. Exo-p protects the skin from the skin-aging effects of environmental aggressors. The synergies of the two keep your skin fresh and dewy hour-after-hour.

How you use it: The first step of every skin care routine; Double cleanse! The first round removes make-up and impurities, whereas the second round gives a deep cleanse. While at it, take a few extra seconds to gently massage the lather onto your skin – It boosts the effect and soothes your senses.

  1. Instant Glow – Serum Drops

What it is: A lustrous serum for a deeply hydrated and healthy complexion. The smooth and light-weight consistency enhance the everyday beauty regimen whilst improving the skin’s quality. Boosts cell regeneration and evens out the skin tone and texture, leaving swift yet long-lasting results. A key component before make-up as well as without make-up as it evens out and smoothes the skin structure.

Why it works: Enriched with Encapsulated Vitamin C, the serum brightens and tightens your skin for that radiant shine! Rich with moisture, Hyaluronic Acid forms a film on the skin. This moisture film is crucial for protecting and strengthening the skin barrier while giving skin moisture. Niacinamide minimizes pores and strengthens a weakened surface. The gel-like texture evens out the skin structure, giving a smoothing and supple.

How you use it: Serums are applied pre-moisturizer (preferably Instant Glow – Whipped Cream) and post-toner/facial mist & cleanser (preferably Instant Glow – Cleansing Foam). Apply the serum to cleansed skin at any time of day, after a work-out, before an interview or whenever your skin deserves some extra affection.

  1. Instant Glow – Whipped Cream

What it is: Get hydrated, balanced and ultra-dewy with this lightly whipped, 24-hour facial cream. You get the most luxurious feel while the cream acts soothing, hydrating and protecting. The elegant and embracing scent of green leaves and banana, as well as the whipped cream-like consistency enhance the everyday skin care routine. Contains a micro-shimmer complex to boost the skin’s natural luster.

Why it works: Enriched with Niacinamide, the cream visibly reduces the size of pores, fine lines and dullness. The encapsulated Vitamin C evens-out the skin tone and helps combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the skin’s natural glow. The Hyaluronic Acid draws and retains the moisture in the utmost skin layer & the Exo-p boosts the skin’s natural barrier function and helps to combat early signs of ageing caused by environmental factors.

How you use it: Lucky you! This 24-hour cream is suitable for daily and nightly use. Apply to cleansed skin, and serum for the full glow-experience.

Optimize your results:

  1. Eyelighter – Eye Cream

Rich facial moisturizers are too heavy for the delicate skin around your eyes. Gently ‘pat’ the Eyelighter – Eye Cream around the eye and onto the orbital bone and let the eye cream find its way towards your eyes. This gem optically blurs crows’ feet, fine lines and other signs of fatigue while strengthening the skin’s barrier function. As it leaves a lustrous finish to the eye area, it’s the perfect complement to the Instant Glow range.

  1. Moisture on the go – Facial Mist

After double cleansing, restoring the skin’s natural pH level is a must in order to retain its balance. Drinking water is too alkaline for the face to retain its moisture level, hence a toner or that neutralizes the skin’s natural pH level is crucial.