(Fall) in love with yourself

August is such a forgiving month. Summer is over, yet tans haven’t faded, the sun sets late and the temperature allows a bare leg or two. Now we are mid-September, heading towards October and it is tricky (but essential!) to maintain that late-summer buzz inside and out.

Our task is to boost you along the way. To be the metaphorical wind blowing in your back when you need it the most. We want our product range to be your personal toolbox of beauty hacks, leaving you confident and self-reliant. On the other hand, beauty products will only partially do the job. No matter the potency of any premium facial treatment, only self-love will fully do the trick.

Wild guess: you’re already halfway through your eye roll. What pretentious lifestyle magazine or life coach hasn’t already brought up such a cheesy claim?  It’s self-love this and self-love that, but aren’t those just meaningless, empty words?

Fact is, we are ready to go full cheesy as long as we manage to keep your attention for just a few more minutes. Hold on. Let us break it down for you:

We firmly believe that self-love comes with feeling empowered. When one truly is at that state – dynamic, ambitious, self-content – invincibility occurs. Heading for a promotion? Feel like climbing a ginormous mountain? Secretly thinking about steering your career into a new path? Do what you gotta do.

Feeling invincible enables feeling beautiful enables self-love. But who has ever the time to pursue their dreams fulltime, recharge and work on their appearance?

Isabella Löwengrip. Co-Founder and Creative Director at Löwengrip

Turns out you really can buy time.

Shame on you, whoever said time cannot be bought. Well, at least it’s sort of a modified truth. Fake news, if you will. For a full twelve months, we have been developing a certain product together with the chemists at our Innovation Lab. Give it up for our Overnight Hair Mask!

Our Overnight Hair Mask is more than just a nourishing treatment. It’s time in a container, a friend in need, simply a hair revolution. Yes, there are hair masks out there already. Nourishing ones, yes. Leave-in ones, yes. Suitable for sleeping with, mweeh, not preferably, but yes. Nourishing leave-in masks that are suitable for sleeping with, that doesn’t require rinsing afterwards? Do not think so.

The Overnight Hair Mask is all those things mentioned above. Enriched with vegetable protein that regenerates the hair shafts from the inside out, leaving that silky soft feel in the morning. Apply a moderate amount to dry hair lengths and leave it in for the night. Wake up and look your absolute best. No need to rinse it off for in the shower. Time: saved!

Beauty comes from within (but there’s no harm in a little brassiness reduction).

If you feel like boosting your self-love just a dash extra, we have another beauty hack for you coming up. To us, silver treatments are the hair equivalent of a classy suit and tie. It simply makes anyone look a slight bit better. The only difference is that cold, fresh hair tones look good on every occasion.

“But silver treatments leave my hair dry and dull, so I need to repair my hair afterwards which is exhausting and inefficient” you say? From now on, you can reduce warm tones and repair simultaneously. The Blonde Perfection – Silver Hair Mask is enriched with softening argan oil as well as rehydrating and volumizing vitamin B5. It’s nourishing and color-preserving, contains color pigmentation that alleviates unwanted gold tones in blonde (plus brown and red) hair. 

The Silver Hair Mask is so, so requested amongst many of us. It started out with an Instagram comment from a user requesting it, which turned into two, five and many more comments. We realized we ourselves desired it, too. And so, the product development had begun.

And here you are, with your two new hacks for your beauty toolbox. Giving you that necessary breeze of encouragement to fight any autumn blues.

Psst! The Silver Hair Mask is pre-launched this week.The Overnight Hair Mask will be launched in a few weeks. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out.  

 To Blonde Perfection – Löwengrip (lowengrip.com)