Hair care rituals are being reshaped with more of us working from home due to the Corona pandemic Are you waiting to go to the hairdresser for a color touch up but need to find a plan B? Using color enhancing products can be the solution!  

Get a prolonged fresh and clean hue on a colored hair in one wash 

Silver shampoos, as the color enhancing category is called, are today like any good moisturizing shampoo. In the early days, these kinds of products were very strong, and you where recommend using gloves when applying the product.  

That is not the case today. If your hands are extremely dry, you might get a hint of lilac hue on your skin though, says Alicia, hairdresser at Creative Headz.  

Whatever your hair color, a silver shampoo will “take out” the yellow tone in your hair making the tone colder and clean. Especially colored hair might get a yellow tone after a couple of weeks. 

“It’s a misconception that it’s only for blondes. A silver product makes your toned or colored hair look fresh longer. For example, If you have a natural grey hair you will get a very clean and cold tone. If I travel and I wash my hair in different water than at home, it might get an odd tone of green.  Then a silver shampoo is the instant cure, says Isabella Löwengrip, co-founder of Löwengrip Beauty.  

The Löwengrip Blond Perfection series (Shampoo, conditioner, and mask) are all color preserving products. They neutralize yellow and gold tones from any dyed/colored hair to achieve a cool-toned hue. Works on blonde, brown, red or grey hair. Albeit its effectiveness, the products are very gentle and work if you have a sensitive scalp.  


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