What are styling products, except… Styling products? To start with they are great confidence boosters. They set any slick-back, bangs, bob or wet look making anyone feel (and look) their best. Plus, some of them preserve hair quality and texture. Just like skin care and make-up, styling can be just as addictive. Very beauty-geek-friendly.

As there are narrow and cutting-edge trends within the world of skin care and make-up, so are there equally extraordinary hair trends. The outcome of modern haircare has been turmeric-infused treatments as well as hair teas and blotting sheets. Meanwhile, in the shade of those prominent hair inventions, lay the timeless classics.

Our in-house tech team has detected a digital pattern of our users, realizing that the big mass is in fact looking for more comprehensive hair care, meaning, many expressed a desire for promise-keeping styling classics. Thus, we went back to basics, to fine-tune and innovate two oldies-but-goldies; a hairspray with a long-lasting and a restorative hair mousse. Since we do everything with a Löwengrip twist, we made them multi-beneficial and innovative. At a quick sit down with our in-house beauty expert Dinah Paulsén, we got to hear more about their special features.

Dinah, what differentiates Style To Define – Cream Mousse & Durable Dust - Hairspray
from other styling equivalents?

 “The Hairspray contains Prunus percia that adds shine and nutrition. Plus, it has protecting benefits, shielding your hair from UV rays, free radicals and humidity. The Cream Mousse is enriched with Provitamin B5, also known as Panthenol, that preserves the hair quality and nourishes the hair shafts. The Cream Mousse suits damaged hair so well – its vegetable protein repairs and strengthens brittle hair. I cannot emphasise enough how much everyone could benefit from adding protein to their hair care routine. In conclusion, both products are breaking traditional styling grounds.” 

Seemingly, not only extraordinary hair care goes out of the box; classics do, too. Further on, styling can be somewhat difficult. Luckily, we have gotten some inputs from Emelie Jonsson (@byemeliejosson), Isabella Löwengrips personal hair stylist. Emelie sets Isabellas hair almost daily, so is inevitably a go-to expert on styling.

Any suggestions on how to use hair mousse properly?

“Mousse is a great tool when you wish to add volume. People often ask me about thin hair (which is very common in the Nordics) and how to build up its volume. My best volumizing tip is applying Löwengrips Style To Define – Hair Mousse before a blow dry and then finish it with All Time High – Dry Volume Spray. It adds volume to the thinnest set of hair - an all-time winner!”

Is there a common hair mousse misuse?  

“I have noticed that some tend to apply mousse to dry hair, which in fact just makes it look greasy. Hair mousse needs to be applied to damp hair, before a blow dry! Just then, it will give you the fresh-out-of-the-hairdresser kind of look.”

And what about hairspray?

“What I like about hairsprays is that they are easily applied. You can tailor the amount of fixation to your hair style of choice. Löwengrips Pixie Dust – Hairspray is perfect for setting a natural look, while Durable Dust – Hairspray fixates and holds any hair style firmly in place throughout the day.”

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