It's official, winter is here. We had our first snowfall in Stockholm on Friday, which sets the scene for a cozy festive season ahead. It’s the perfect time to light some candles, run a bath and rug up by the fire with a cup of tea. The winter months mean that our skin is exposed to harsh elements. Whether it be snow, rain, wind or a dramatic decrease in temperature, there’s no question that the weather directly impacts our skin. Just as we change our clothes from summer to winter, we need to change and update out skincare from summer to winter. It makes perfect sense when you consider it!

So, how do you know where to start?

Generally speaking, our skin beings more dried out and flakey in winter – simply due to the level in humidity dropping, the water in our skin also evaporates more quickly when it’s cold and dry outside – leading to that dry and unpleasant feeling I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

So, how can we combat this? Of course, with extra hydration. And I don’t just mean on our face (although that’s extremely important) I mean the entire body! From head to toe – our entire body needs to feel loved & cherished! My favourite products for the ultimate hydration are:

Face: Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask

Body: Healthy Glow Body Balm

Hands: Healthy Glow Hand Balm

Feet: Feel My Heel – Foot Balm

So, we’re got some fantastic products to re-hydrate our skin, but what about improving our overall facial skincare routine? Taking a look at what our routine is today and thinking about whether we are really taking the best care of our skin.
When you really start digging deep in the world of skin care it can become addictive, yet somehow exclusive for a limited group of people. Advanced products with miracle-like effects are usually developed for a skin type that has been exposed to many different treatments & chemicals. But for those who have sensitive skin that easily rashes or breaks out, product ranges have been limited to mild products with equally mild effects. However, you may recognize our Advanced Skin Care. It is developed to suit the sensitive skin type yet improve your skin’s texture and appearance like any other miracle-like product would.

The multi-beneficial effects of Advanced Skin Care

Our aim when developing the Cell Renewal - Facial Cleanser was to create a product that could be deep cleansing and luster-boosting as well as having soothing and nourishing effects. Any other premium brand facial cleanser will give you both, but not necessarily simultaneously. The Cell Renewal - Facial Cleanser has anti-aging, anti-pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which basically are all the anti’s one could possibly need. On the other hand, it’s not anti-moisture. Quite contrary - it nourishes richly as well as it cleanses. Magic in a bottle, really.

Advanced Skin Care, a facial series that contains AHA, BHA and retinol.

Any skin care junkie has probably come across – and dug deep into - the mega-hyped hyaluronic acid. In the Cell Renewal - Facial Cream, the miraculous hyaluronic acid is accompanied by BHA, AHA and retinol. The AHA and BHA acids open the pathways for the retinol to enter deep underneath the skin. The process could be compared to a personal trainer for your skin cells. The result is boosted cell renewal, increased collagen- and elastin production with reduced pores and hyperpigmentation. Can we get a ”no thank you!” to that? No? That’s what we thought.  

Possibly the greatest struggle of all in the areas of sensitive skin types is mastering the art of exfoliating. Traditional guidelines on exfoliating sensitive skin are usually to use a mild chemical peel but never (ever!) as often as on a weekly basis. Löwengrip would on the other hand never (ever!) settle, so we developed the Cell Renewal - Facial Exfoliant. Finally, people whose skin easily damages have been invited to the ’advanced chemical peel club’. The Cell Renewal Facial Exfoliant works wonders on fine lines and wrinkles, pushes through the epidermis and the dermis of the skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces visibility of pores and maximizes your glow. A wise woman once said ”those who peel, heal.”* (*source non-existent, which is somewhat irrelevant as long as the statement adds up. It must have been said.).

The Advanced Skin Care product range is developed, and suitable, for sensitive skin. An important reminder, though, is that people react differently to various formulas, especially active ones. That’s why it’s essential to highlight the importance of making sure a specific product fits your individual skin type. Regardless of the product, make sure to always try on a small amount on your neck and leave on for 24 hours, before you jump right on a new range of products. If it works just fine: feel free to get back to work (-ing on your skin care).

Advanced Skin Care series includes three facial products.