Clean, the Löwengrip way

Löwengrip has its own specific understanding of what CLEAN means - a definition that goes beyond single ingredients.

Our factories are proud members of Sweden's recycling initiative”

Clean Production

Our production facilities are located exclusively in Sweden and are subject to the stringent legislation on equality and working conditions that apply here. We closely monitor each and every part of the manufacturing process by means of factory visits.

“You can use your Löwengrip product until the very last drop of it! This also ensures we minimize waste and maximize product quality”

“Our clean approach to ingredients demands superior-quality formulas”

 Clean Ingredient Sourcing  

Our products include both naturally occurring and synthetically manufactured ingredients. We are more concerned with how good an ingredient is for the skin and scalp, as well as in terms of social and environmental impact than whether or not that ingredient is organic or synthetic. Inspired by our Scandinavian heritage of minimalism, we try to use as few ingredients as possible in each product and to ensure that each product is also suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. Our clean approach to ingredients demands superior-quality formulas – both actives and base ingredients. We follow the most rigorous manufacturing regulations in the world: the EU cosmetic regulation. Thus, we can guarantee that the ingredients leave the conscience clean!  

Clean Sustainability

Our factories are proud members of Sweden's recycling initiative: FTI, which facilitates recycling and ensures that every recycled product is well taken care of.  We put our sustainability philosophy into practice in the form of our Second Chance initiative; A second-hand e-retail where we offer products in defective packaging at a reduced price to minimize waste. This ensures that even the perfect products in less- than-perfect packaging don’t go to waste. The product packaging is particularly designed to minimize product waste – You can use your Löwengrip product until the very last drop of it! This also ensures we minimize waste and maximize product quality.

Clean Product Development Processes

We develop our products through a transparent open source dialogue with our online community. We ask for their wishes and preferences. This feedback adjusts and optimizes our product formulations.  Every step of this process is transparent.

Our take on the a few of the industry buzzwords:

Cruelty free: We never test our products on animals and comply with the applicable EU Cosmetics legislation prohibiting animal testing. We will not ever test our products on animals, nor will we retail in countries that demand that we test our products on animals.

 Vegan: We do not currently, nor will we ever, systematically use animal-derived products. In the process of composing our formulas, we choose ingredients in line with our clean beauty philosophy. From 2020 an onwards we have chosen to only work with vegan ingredients meaning that in 2021 our complete range will be vegan. However, the vast majority of our products are entirely vegan (99,5%) as of now.

Organic: We are more concerned with whether an ingredient is non-sensitizing to skin and scalp; whether it is of high quality; whether it is kind to the environment; that it doesn’t originate from another continent or involve production processes that use excessive amounts of natural resources. If that ingredient happens to be organic, then so be it!

Non-toxic: We comply with the EU cosmetics legislation. As such, it is guaranteed that our products never utilize any prohibited or sensitizing ingredients.

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