4 quick beauty tips for the summer (that you probably didn’t know)

As an innovative Swedish brand we love to inspire you with new beauty tips. Today Marie Fangrat, authorized skin therapist as well as Emelie Focklin, head trainer of Löwengrip, gives you a few tips you probably didn’t know.   

"Clean your face twice at night for optimal results." Marie

We hear from Marie, about her best skincare tips & tricks! 

Tell us what’s important in one’s skin care routine that many people might not know? 

” Well, that you should clean your face twice at night to get optimal results. Start by massaging your forehead, work your way down over your cheeksdon’t forget your nose wings and neck. Repeat!” 

Try Löwengrip Clean & Calm Gel Cleanser: it cleanses the whole face, and you can use it around the eyes to take away makeup. It leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth. It’s very gentle & you don’t need much to leave the face feeling perfectly cleansed! 


What about exfoliation 

“A light exfoliation of your face before using a face mask ensures better results because the scrub will remove dead skin cells from the skin. The result will be a healthier and more glowy skin. Another good tip on exfoliation is to put somof the scrub on your lips and massage carefully. Exfoliating your lips will prevent flakey dry lips, don’t forget they are skin too! Make sure to follow up with a good face &  lip moisturizer” 


What should I do if my eyes get puffy due to too much eye cream 

Firstly, I would say less is more. If you accidently take too much eye cream before application you don’t want to waste it then it’s the perfect cream for around the contour of your lips. The skin on and around your lips is very thin and that’s why fine lines and wrinkles often shows up early around the mouth - it’s one of my favorite tips!” 


Emelie Focklin, Head trainer of Löwengrip and skin therapist: 

Your advice on those who like to have tanned skin but can often get clogged pores when using self tanning products? 

The Löwengrip Self-Tan Drops are water based and does not clog your pores! They are also fragrance free with a lovely gel-based formula.  

“They give you a very natural sun kissed skin. Apply 1-5 drops in your face cream for your personal tone." 


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Enjoy summer!