Löwengrip subsequently strive to create holistic solutions as socially, environmentally and economically sustainable as possible.


We subsequently strive to minimize our waste

Hannah Molin, Brand Director


We have chosen to locate our production in Sweden with mainly Swedish packaging, which gives us the opportunity to guarantee great working conditions for both our suppliers and retailers, in addition to short and more environmentally ways of transporting our products to the Swedish market, which also is our main one.


We subsequently strive to minimize our waste; even since the very beginning, we make sure to use our products that for some reason can’t be sold to full price in several ways rather than to dispose of them. Recently, we also launched our second sorting shop Second Chance, where you get the opportunity to buy our products in defect packaging to a reduced price.


Löwengrip continuously stay in close contact with existing and potential customers through the social media channels of the company itself and Isabella Löwengrip. This gives us a unique insight in which hard and soft values are important to consumers today. This also means that our ambition always is to find better and even more durable solutions, and are more than willingly to accept any suggestions about how we can be even better in the subform here.

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We are always developing new products. Please read all about them down below.

New facial line

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    Product features

      Overnight Hair Mask

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          Blonde Perfection - Silver Hair Mask

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