There is a vast difference between a ’meh’ holiday gift and a great holiday gift, and the latter always seems completely evasive. We think, reflect and contemplate to try finding the perfect presents for people that we love, but let’s be honest: Overthinking never really did anyone any good. What if we could help you determine the perfect gift for the trickiest recipient (to whom you never thought you’d give away beauty)? It’s time to eliminate the brain-twisters once and for all.

What to give your mother-in-law: It could be a universal thing, or it could be their unconditional politeness. Nevertheless, mothers-in-law always smile from ear to ear when you give them something that honours a personality trait of theirs. Go safe this year and grant them a beautiful coiffure with the Style to Define Holiday Gift Set, with our Cream Mousse and strong hold Durable Dust - Hairspray. We found out that, for some reason, hairsprays and mousses represent the good old days (no narrow and trendy shenanigans) and they are defined by their ease of application. Your mother-in-law will be over the moon about your keen eye for her needs.

 - Style To Define Holiday Gift Set - 295 SEK

What to give your sister: The unspoken truth of gifting your sister is that you give her what you secretly want yourself. You get a reason to visit her more frequently, and when you do, you won’t feel that bad for using her products – The Great Holiday Gift Set contains all her (your) beauty necessities to freshen up and feel great. In addition, you seem incredibly sympathetic when you give her something that caring and luxurious. You know what they say; Give and you shall receive.


 - The Great Holiday Gift Set - 895 SEK

What to give your boyfriend: This may be the easiest gift to be given. Although beauty care knows no genders, men are still somewhat disoriented within the field of beauty. Worst case scenario they cleanse their face on a yearly basis and haven’t moisturized since they got a sunburn that summer of ’09. Best case scenario they have a deliberate skin- and hair care regimen and will only appreciate that you honour their interest in beauty. Give them some extra affection and a little well-deserved confidence this year with The Volumizer Gift Set for a textured, soft and ambrosial head of hair.

- The Volumizer Holiday Gift Set - 395 SEK

What to give your future self: Although it is the season of giving (and you shop for yourself all the other eleven months of the year) you could – and should - give your future self a little extra something. If you asked your inner 85-year-old, she would encourage you to treat your skin with respect and sustainability in mind. Decelerate your skin’s aging with the Advanced Skincare Holiday Gift Set and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting your skin against environmental damage. The future you deserves it.

- Advanced Holiday Gift Set 895 SEK

What to give your crush: We know. You already consider them a solid 10/10. You find them breathtakingly beautiful with and without make-up and, to you, they are the only person in the world that looks stunning despite a major break out. However. Drop a subtle hint about levelling up with the Protect and Shine Holiday Gift Set, insinuating that you are Good to Go for a relationship and you believe the two of you would be Long Lasting. What speaks the language of love better than the names of hair care products?

- Protect & Shine Holiday Gift Set 495 SEK

What to give your co-worker: You two became closer this year; You opened up to them about your ex at that office party and they invited you to their housewarming, so you figured it would be a good idea to get them something this holiday. However, you don’t really want to pin-point their specific beauty needs. Get them something that they, as well as anyone, can benefit from; Replenishing moisture from the Sleeping Sensation Holiday Gift Set! Regardless of their skin type, everyone needs ample hydration to maintain a balanced skin. This, friends, is a safe card.

- Bestseller Holiday Gift Set 495 SEK
Conclusion: There is a beauty gift suitable for everyone on your list. We have a mantra, flourishing at Löwengrip HQ, that says “Not most people like a beauty gift – everyone likes a beauty gift”. Not convinced? Read the guide above once more, or prove us wrong.

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