Tan-without-sun school with Isabella Löwengrip

I’d like to call myself a tan-without-sun expert! I love having a golden skin tone, but I dislike baking in the sun. I also have pale sensitive skin that doesn’t appreciate the sun. Developing a tan-without-sun range is something I’ve dreamt of for a very long time.

It’s been important for me to develop a range I’m not allergic to.

Most tan-without-sun products are very intense, especially for the face. Many have also given me a yellow or otherwise unnatural tone. Which makes me look ill!

Choose a tan-without-sun product for body and face that your skin actually tolerates, otherwise, you’ll have a reaction and, especially when it comes to the face, this can give you spots etc. With some tan-without-sun products, the formula used in the cream itself may also have been cheap or bad; it may not absorb, instead of lying on the skin like a membrane. Choose carefully.



How do you achieve a good and even result?
Peel the skin first to remove dead skin cells and dry skin. I use Löwengrip’s Purify My Skin – Facial Scrub. If you want a milder version you can mix it with my cleanser, Clean & Calm – Facial Cleanser.

Dry skin absorbs more of a product, so moisturize and rehydrate the skin properly before applying the tan-without-sun product itself.  Otherwise, it can easily become patchy. After applying, wipe off the tip of the nose, between the fingers and cuticles as well as elbows. If you are especially dry, moisturize the skin again after applying the tan-without-sun product.

You and your team have developed “tan-without-sun drops” that will launch in 2018, why?
For my face, I don't want to choose between tan-without-sun and my moisturizer.

That's why we have developed Luminous Bronze – Self-tan drops. This means that you can drip a few drops into your regular the Cream – Facial Cream because then you don’t lose the best properties of your moisturizer, you’re just adding bronzer! You can also mix the drops into the Serum – Facial Serum. With these drops, you can create your preferred bronzing level; all you need to do is add more! That function is phenomenal. We’re also launching a Luminous Bronze – Self-tan Body Mist for the body which is easy to apply yourself. It’s light and is absorbed quickly by the skin.


- Choose carefully – a tan-without-sun product your skin tolerates.
- Exfoliate the skin properly in advance for an even tone.
- Moisturize the areas of the body that are dry.
- Don’t forget to use sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, a tan-without-sun product does not create any pigment in the skin, so you’ll need protection.