This week, co-founders of Löwengrip, Pingis Hadenius, and Isabella Löwengrip, was awarded ”Female Rising Stars” at the regional EY Entrepreneur of the Year Gala of 2018. They are the beauty and brains behind the venture that in just a few short years has become Sweden’s fastest growing beauty brand.  

Löwengrip and Hadenius have been business partners for seven years. At the helm of eight companies, they now have more than 100 employees. And there is something very alpha about them – they emit confidence and efficiency. ”We are similar to one another, but not too similar. With Isabella on the helm of the creative side, I handle the business aspects,” Pingis says. “Our common denominator is probably our straight-forward communication and get-it-done kind of attitude. Maybe that is why we haven’t had a single argument in seven years, only constructive criticism.”

Pingis Hadenius and Isabella Löwengrip, Founders of Löwengrip Beauty

Their Sixth Sense: Business

Correctly interpreting market signs is the key to successful entrepreneurialism. Simply by recognizing a golden opportunity (and getting along really well), Pingis and Isabella paved the way for a digital beauty revolution. They have a sixth sense when it comes to risk management and timing. This is what enabled them to make a living combining their greatest passions: beauty, technology and making everyday life easier for modern women.

”As beauty and digitalization are great passions of mine, I never feel like working is a chore,” Isabella says. ”To this day, I have founded eleven companies. The ones that I felt genuinely passionate about – not only the business idea but the industry itself – are still alive and thriving.” And by simply looking at the two of them, you know they master the art of making a busy-scheduled work life stimulating. “We remind ourselves to stay focused. If we get distracted by worries and uncertainties, we change perspectives and target the big goal. Isabella and I have a saying that we keep referring to, that says ‘Hurdles mean opportunities’. Everything that grinds can, and should, be developed into something greater. That’s how we approach our challenges,” Pingis says.

“We remind ourselves to stay focused.
If we get distracted by worries and
uncertainties, we change perspectives and target the big goal.”

Days Are Getting Darker and the Temperature is Dropping. What Are Your Winter Survival Hacks?

“Take walks. A lot of them. A daily walk or two is crucial for me to recharge and clear up my mind,” Pingis proposes. “I agree with you that outdoor time is essential. I make sure to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, preferably with my children. However, I want to emphasize the importance of giving everyday life its silver lining. Order that dessert, take a steaming bath, give yourself a sleep-in,” Isabella adds. “LÖS DET We wanted to boost all Löwengrip women out there through the darker season, et voilà! We developed the Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set: Three winter-themed dry shampoos.”

The dry shampoos truly embody the Christmas spirit, with indulgent scents of Hot Cocoa, Cinnamon Bun, and Candy Cane. “I’m aware that women don’t want to walk around with a cloud of cookies and candy around them all-year-round. Although that’s the fun part of it – it’s an occasional treat for your sweeter self,” Isabella explains. “This is an aspect of life that imbues the Löwengrip DNA – We like something out of the ordinary every once in a while. That just makes life, and beauty, more fun.”

Limited Edition - Good To Go (Holiday Gift Set) 269 SEK

Rapid-Fire Question Round

  1. You’re left on a deserted Island with three products. Which ones?

Pingis:Blonde Perfection – Silver Shampoo, as it recovers the color of my hair and gives it a natural glow. The Serum – Facial Serum, with all my travels nothing deeply hydrates my skin like this product & Healthy Glow – Body Balm, the best body lotion ever. Deeply nourishes, absorbs quickly and gives exactly that: a healthy glow!

Isabella: Moisture on the Go – Facial Mist, I apply it throughout the day and my skin never gets dehydrated, Blonde Perfection – Silver Hair Mask gives my hair a fresh hue all-year-round & All Time High – Dry Volume Spray, my all-time savior. It gives my hair the blow-dried look with minimum effort.”

  1. What is the first thing you do when hitting the office?

Pingis: “I set my goals, I plan my day and – of course – I get my morning coffee”.
Isabella: “I plan and create content for my social media channels. A key priority to me and my team.”

  1. Name a personality trait that you think helped you career-wise?

Pingis: “My ability to focus.”
Isabella: “My never-ending ‘go’.”