Styling classics - reincarnated

What are styling products, except… Styling products? To start with they are great confident boosters. They set any slick-back, bangs, bob or wet look making anyone feel (and look) their best. Plus, some of them preserve hair quality and texture. Just like skin care and make-up, styling can be just as addictive. Very beauty-geek-friendly.

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(Fall) In Love With yourself

August is such a forgiving month. Summer is over, yet tans haven’t faded, the sun sets late and the temperature allows a bare leg or two. Now we are mid-September, heading towards October and it is tricky (but essential!) to maintain that late-summer buzz inside and out.


Back to work(-ing on your skin care)

It’s official: back to work season has shown its exciting presence. The summer-to-fall transition is gradual, yet the signs are clear: a fewer amount of Instagram posts showing off sunsets, stores displaying their fall collections and the oh-so striking view of people walking the streets determinedly instead of strolling. Though the temperature is falling, the fall enthusiasm is in fact increasing. Warm summer days do certainly have their charm, but let’s be frank: that humidity was exhausting.

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Behind The scenes - Essance of fragrace

An interview about fragrance with our chemists and Brand Director Hannah Molin

Löwengrip has a passion for fragrance. It is important to us that our products maintain a high level of quality and that they can be used for a long time, even by those with sensitive skin.

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