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AMBITIOUS BEAUTY: Brand Director Fanny Sandström on the new concept!

| Olivia Sandström

Ambitious Beauty Innovated in Sweden is Löwengrip's new tagline. Tell us more!
- Ambitious Beauty is the concept which is guiding Löwengrip as a brand. Ambitious Beauty is what we offer as a brand and in our products. We offer Ambitious Beauty Innovated In Sweden.
 We offer problem solving, ambitious beauty for immediate and long-lasting results.  Löwengrip embodies the unique combination of product efficacy and gentle formulas. We carefully select active and caring ingredients. All presented in an effortless routine. 

Problem solving products for an effortless routine. We call it AMBITIOUS BEAUTY. 

"Ambitious Beauty is what Löwengrip embodies. It is our promise to our customers and what is guiding our work with every product we deliver to the market. Ambitious Beauty – problem solving products for an effortless routine."
- Fanny Sandström, Brand Director Löwengrip

How does Ambitious Beauty embody Löwengrip as brand? 

Our Ambitious Beauty range all deliver on our brand promises. 

Problem solving Every product solves a beauty challenge. Our products are inclusive for the sensitive skin and scalp as we combine product efficacy with gentle formulas. Our products aim to give the user a sensory experience, to elevate your everyday routine. 

High quality We ensure responsible production to the highest quality of standards delivering skincare recipes developes and produced in sweden. All products are developed by chemists and tested by both expert skin therapists and consumers. All formulations are vegan. 

Effortless Routine – Our products are easy to use, delivering an effortless routine tailored to your needs. No hassle, just smart results.

What makes Löwengrip unique?
- As a brand we are Devoted always having a consumer-first commitment, a product development process involving chemists, expert skin therapists and consumers. 

Connected – as a Scandinavian brand with development and production in Sweden we are close to both consumers and production and can therefore listen and take input from our consumers.

We are 
Smart in the way we communicate and present our products, always guided by Scandinavian Simplicity the products are easy to understand and use. Resulting in our products being Ambitious and offer immediate and long lasting results. As a consumer you can easily enjoy a minimalistic routine with great results.