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Co-Founder Isabella Löwengrip's fragrant favorites

| Olivia Sandström

New year, new signature scent? Co-Founder Isabella Löwengrip is truly passionated about fragrances. Here are two of her refreshing favorites! 

"Luxurious and unique fragrances are an easy way to elevate your most daily routine."
- Isabella Löwengrip, Co-Founder Löwengrip

"My favorite fragrant is currently found in Trust Me - Deodrant. In addition to it's fresh and fruity scent, it also has a silky-smooth and rehydrating formula which provides effective protection against sweating. It's also vegan and suitable for sensitive skin."

"Did you know that all of Löwengrip's deodorants are actually antiperspirants that prevents sweating? When I developed Count On Me, Löwengrip's very first deodorant, I was pregnant with Gillis and was sweating lots everyday. That's exactly why the combination of efficacy and scent was so incredibly important to me. I wanted to develop a deodorant that you could trust in, while also providing a luxurious scent and feeling."

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