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Meet the experts behind Löwengrip

| Katie Moore


We have an amazing team of experts and professionals. Here is a presentation of the team backing Löwengrip in product development and content creation.

Emelie Focklin

Emelie is the education manager at Löwengrip Beauty and product specialist for pharmacies at Dermarome.

Emelie is a CIDESCO-certified skin therapist from the Gilda school in Malmö. After graduating in 2008, Emelie moved to Stockholm where she started her dermatologist career at a skincare salon and then worked as a dermatologist at Sturebadet. She then chose to take the step towards the retail segment. Emelie is a very knowledgeable and well-educated professional who is passionate about good skin care.

"My favourite product from Löwengrip is the new Skin Reboot 24-hour Cream, I love that it activates the skin, moisturizes and gives lustre!"

Jennie Andersson

Jennie is a CIDESCO certified skin and spa therapist with a degree from the Private School of Skin Care and Spa. Jennie has broad experience within the skincare industry both inside and outside of Sweden.  Jennie has worked as a spa manager on cruise ships and was responsible for the SPA-CIDESCO teaching at the Academy of Skin Care and Spa, which included teaching spa treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures. Jennie was educated in England and has been responsible for educating staff on several Dermarome brands since 2008. Jennie is an inspirational trainer who loves everything that has to do with skin care and spa treatments.

Marie Lundberg

Marie is a CIDESCO certified skin therapist with a degree at the Elisabeth School. After completing her education, Marie started her own salon which she operated for several years, but then chose to wind it up to continue her passion for education. Marie is well educated and passionate about the skin care profession. Since 2007, Marie has been the responsible educator for various Cosmeceutical brands at Dermarome and works as a subject teacher at the Elisabeth School.

Clara Meltin

Clara is a CIDESCO certified skin therapist with a degree from the Gilda School in Stockholm. She also has sealed letters and certificates as a specialized skin therapist. Clara is a very well-liked and knowledgeable skin therapist who has, for several years, worked with education at different skin therapy schools as well as working with many different brands. Since 2017, she has been responsible for educating staff on three different skin care brands at Dermarome.

Dominika Newelska

Dominika is a CIDESCO certified makeup artist, hair stylist and authorized skin therapist. Dominika works as a trainer in makeup and hair styling, reviewer for apprentice letters in makeup and is also a juror member of the Swedish Nationals in Makeup. She has many strings to her bow, including being the program manager for the newspaper Expressens’ “Skönhetsakuten”, working within TV and advertising production and fashion photography, among many other exciting projects. Dominika is a wonderfully inspiring person who loves meeting different people where she can work her magic and inspire confidence within others.